Nancy T. Smith, Ph.D. Shiresmith Publications

Mobile Apps

Bringing together decades of embedded real-time programming experience and doctorate level research in artificial intelligence and 3D graphics to building Mobile Apps and Web Apps. iOS and Android provide an opportunity for those of us who love to program unlike anything in the past.

My most excellent employer. A tremendously successful website specializing in group bookings. I have the honor of being their Mobile developer. Download one of our apps for great deals and free room giveaways!

My Inspiration

The Singularity Is Near by Ray Kurzweil. Some messages are so powerful they change your life. This book will change your view of the future, and make you excited about A.I., genetics, nanotechnology, and the promise of exponential technologies over the coming years. It's an exciting time to be alive.

My Apps

Rhythm ID was launched January, 2013, and is designed to help drummers and dancers learn to recognize and remember middle eastern rhythms. Puppy Dogs was launched January, 2013, and is an interactive children's bedtime story. It was written and illustrated by my very talented sister, who is a psychologist and mother. Who's Who was launched March, 2015. It is an app for remembering names and faces. Eye Train was launched January, 2016, and is targeted at training eye saccades for speed reading.