Middle Eastern Dance, also named Belly dance in the western world, when done correctly and in the Egyptian manner, is the most perfect dance in the universe. It is perfect in its timing and execution. It is perfect in its expression. It is perfect in its articulation, its gesture, its eloquence, and its portrayal. In fact, it is so perfect that nothing else really comes close to it (that is, when done correctly) the Egyptian way.

Sambra can be hired to perform in theaters and other professional venues. Middle Eastern Dance artist Sambra performs Classical Egyptian Style, accompanied occasionally by live music. Sambra is recognized for her unique fluid dance style, effortless execution, and superb technique. Her boundless creativity and passion is strikingly evident in her unforgettable interpretation of the music.

Sambra's dance interpretation of the most popular classical egyptian music composers like Oum Kalsoum, Farid el Atrache, and Mostafa the Sax are based on her knowledge and studies about music and history at the time of The Golden Era of the Egyptian Dance, her close friendship with the Egyptian Community in United States, and her education in Arabic Music and Percussion. These tools inspire and give to Sambra the ability to perform Traditonal and Modern Egyptian music style using the right prompt (Isis Wings, Zills, Sword, Shamadan, Veils) and will make your event an authentic Middle Eastern Show.

If you are interested in hiring Sambra, please call 561-396-4872